Frequently asked questions

How often should I wash my Privilege Hair?

Depending on how much product is used in the hair will determine how often you have to wash it. Make sure you are using Paraben and Sulfate free products to make sure the hair is being cleansed appropriately with out stripping the hair. Condition the hair immediately after.

What lenght should I Choose?

The length of the hair you choose will depend if you are adding to your hair or if you are doing a full install. If you are adding to your natural hair you don't want any more then two inches between your natural length and the extensions. Layering lengths can also give a more fuller look. The shorter the length the more fullness the longer the length the less full.

What is a Privilege Hair Consultant?

Privilege Hair Consultant (PHC) is your service guide to great hair. *Schedule an appointment today and a consultant will deliver your hair directly to your door. Have 30 mins to go over a few steps for hair longevity? We are here for you. Each consultant can go over tips and tricks, how to wash the hair, and maintain it for future use (Only servicing Inland Empire and Surrounding LA areas) More areas to be add in 2018.

Does Privilege Hair do Wholesale?

Yes, Please send us an email with all your contact info and we will have one of our PH Reps get back to you. Please note that in order for you to get a wholesale price the minimum order will have to be 25 bundles or more.

What Grade of Hair is Privilege Hair?

Privilege Hair is 9A Grade 100% Virgin Human Hair. High Quality at the best price. Wig are 9A grade 100% Virgin Human Hair,

Does Privilege Hair have a Return and Exchange Policy?

Yes we do and we are here for you. If the hair is unopened, not used or munipulated in any way shape or form we will refund or exchange your hair. Once hair has been opened, installed or munipulated it will be FINAL SALE and no refunds or exchanges will be allowed.

How do I make an Exchange/Return

We are here to please you and help Simplify your Sexy not make it complicated. We stand by our product 100% and if you are not completely satisfied with your hair on arrival before installation send us an email and we will gladly refund or exchange your hair.

How Long does shipping usually take?

Once the order is placed shipping will be any where from 3-10 business days. Live in the Inland Empire or surrounding Los Angeles areas and you have the option of having one of our Privilege Hair Consultants bring it directly to your door. Same day and Next day delivery available on Bundle Deals in Natural Colors Only. Please allow 2 weeks for Lace Front Wig delivery as wigs are made to order. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery on Colored Bundles as well.

I have never worn a wig can a PHC show me?

If you have never worn a wig or have no clue how to you have come to the right place. A Privilege Hair Consultant is trained in being able to show you tips and tricks on how to wear your Lace Frontal Wig and Make it look NATURAL. Place your order for a Lace Front and schedule a consultation with it and we will come out, cut your lace, and show you tips on how to make it look natural. Wearing a wig has never been so easy.

If I am satisfied with my PHC can I tip?

Everyone Loves a good tip even if its a word of wisdom so TIPPING is greatly encouraged. Let your Privilege Hair Consultant know you appreciate there time to teach and treat you to a new experience.

I am a Cancer patient and I have never worn a wig before is the Cancer Consulation the best Choose?

Yes, The Cancer Consultation will be the best consultation for you. However, because we are only based locally in the Inland Empire we will only be servicing the Inland Empire and surrounding LA areas until further notice.

What kind of hair is the eyelashes?

All eyelashes are Mink hair

How long will my 3D Mink Eyelashes last?

You can use our lashes time and time again. With proper care privilege lashes can be used up to 25 times or more. Removing glue on lashes with an eyelash glue remover and wahsing them in a gentle soap will help them come right back to life. If you sleep in lashes add warm water to fluff them right back up in the morning pulling them gently to form there natural state.

Does Privilege Hair do Wholesale pricing?

Yes with a minimum order of 25 bundles or more. Please email for more information. Please use the word "Wholesale" in the subject line and one of our consultant will email you back within 24-48 hrs.